With over seven years experience working in Media, I have developed and honed my skills as a freelance video editor and filmmaker. I began by completing my Media degree in Madrid and then undertook a filmmaking course at ‘New York Film Academy’ in L.A. In 2010 I moved to London to become a full-time video editor. Whilst here, I enrolled on a BTEC course in ‘Creative Media Production’, and later achieved an ‘Apple Certified in Final Cut Pro X’.

I’m currently working as a video editor for ‘Ingredient Films’ and prior to that as a Studio Operator for one of the ‘magic circle’ Law Firms, shooting and editing a variety of live and on-demand content. I’ve also been involved in TV shows for channels such as BBC & Channel4. I’ve logged and assisted edits for ‘The Great British Bake Off” & edited branded content for ‘Pantene’ & ‘Superdrug’. I’ve got professional skills in Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro, as well as working knowledge of Avid MC6 & basic knowledge of Motion/ After Effects.

I also hold a Media degree (Madrid, Spain) and Filmmaking diploma from ‘NYFA’ (LA, US), along with a BTEC in ‘Creative Media Production’ & ‘Apple Certified in Final Cut Pro X’.

Media Skills

  • Expert and professional skills in Adobe Premiere (own suite) Final Cut Pro X (Apple Certified), along with Adobe After Effects
  • Working knowledge of Avid MC6 & user skills in Motion
  •  Creative, passionate and interested in developing my practice
  • Experienced in working in different organizations and quickly adapting to the needs of the project.
  • Skills in designing and delivering at every stage of production, within tight deadlines.

Latest Work Experience

  • VIDEO EDITOR for Ingredient Films - Assisting and managing RC series, edited on FCPX (2018, London)
  • ASSISTANT VIDEO EDITOR for Hub TV - editing corporate videos and interviews, tutorials, podcasts and webinars (2017-2018, London)
  • STUDIO OPERATOR for Linklaters LLP  -camera operating skills and solo 3point lighting set up/autocue (2017-2018, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR for Brands2Life - creating corporate videos and talking head videos for a variety of brands (2016, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR for Imperative Space - editing/supervising video documentaries/chapter tutorials (2016, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR for Cherryduck Productions - creating corp. videos for brands such as ‘Pantene’ & ‘Superdrug’ (2016, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR - for several short film projects including the Festival shortlisted ‘The Awakening’ (2016, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR for One Hundred Eighty - creating corporate videos for businesses such as ‘ASI’ & ‘EcoConnect’ (2012/16, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR for TutorFair Ltd - several projects including weekly updates and induction videos for each tutor. (2015/16, London)
  • VIDEO EDITOR for Mulberry MC (London, UK). (Nov. 2015) & Snowcarbon Ltd (London, UK). (Nov. 2014/15)
  • ASSISTANT VIDEO EDITOR & LTO for Love Productions (London, UK) – logger for BBC’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ (July 2014)
  • ASSISTANT VIDEO EDITOR for Outline Productions located at Highgate Studios (London, UK) – digitizing and transcoding. (Sept. 2013)


I worked alongside Chris for just over a year at Hub. As Producer, Chris and I spent a significant amount of time working together. Working with Chris was always a pleasure, and I came to know him as a truly dependable and hard-working member of the team. Beyond that, he is an impressively creative editor who is always able to understand the client brief and deliver the projects to a high standard. Working in the client’s office for the majority of the time, Chris was able to effectively manage his own time and supplier/client relationships, giving him a wide skill set that will be valuable to your company. He is a true team player and great fun to have in the office. I can confidently recommend Chris to join any team. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to an organisation.

             May 2018. Niall Byrne, Producer at HUB TV

Chris is a pleasure to work with, he is hard-working, reliable and always willing to help you out with a big smile on his face!

             May 2018. Inka Ritola, Edit Assistant at HUB TV

Chris’ editing skills have helped ‘Snowcarbon’ create films that help inspire and inform – turning good footages into real stories. I’d highly recommend them and am looking forward to future projects together.

             Dec 2016. Dan Elkan, Managing Director at SnowCarbon

Chris is one of the best video editors I have worked with. He’s extremely organised, and always willing to hear feedback. His work is exceptional and always delivered extremely fast. I have managed Chris for a year, during which he started with only video editing, and then moved onto actually shooting the videos, prepping the room, preparing and briefing the people on what to say and do. He’s an absolute professional, and I know that if I ever need any video work done, he will be my first port of call.

               Sep 2016. Maggie Strzelecka, Head of Customer Service at Kwanji & Tutorfair

Chris has done various stints at our in-house post facility. He has always been a pleasure to work with, implementing that Canary Island sunshine into his bright demeanor, and open attitude to work. He’s never shy of learning new things, and will always get the job done, not being one of those ‘I finish at 6’ people. He’s proficient at Avid and I suspect much more, because of listening to him passionately talk about film-making in general.

             Oct 2015. Sean Schmölz, Head of Post Production at Outline Productions

Really happy to have chosen Chris Santana to work with. Really pro, working around our schedule to find the best time to film aboard. The video has come out really nicely, with even unexpected 3d shots, and it has been a huge impact to our business. I couldn’t be grateful enough.

             June 2015. Jorge Gallardo, G.M. at Bar&Co London

We were recently commissioned to produce a new 26-part series for Cartoonito. The multi-camera series is being shot on HD, so we badly needed someone with a thorough knowledge of HD processes to transfer material from memory cards to a number of hard drives and oversee delivery to our editors. Christian has exactly the skills we needed, as well as being a very able camera assistant and all-round thoroughly nice guy. He slotted straight into the 2 Sides ‘family’ and I will have no hesitation in asking him back for our second block of studio shooting in October. Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity.

              August 2011. Catherine Robins hired Chris as a Digital assistant